The Gift of Travel

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Looking for the BEST gift? Look no further!

Give the LCT Bliss Pass 2016

Only the most savvy travelers know the key to the world is in trusting your experiences to the team at Luxury Concierge Travel & Bliss.  (See what they’re saying here)

Our LCT Bliss Pass 2016 combines all the service and expertise of the world’s most experienced travelers with all the perks expected by the most discerning jet-setters to form one ideal trip. And there is no expiration date so the person you give it to can use it when and where they want! 

Like our vacations, the LCT Bliss Pass 2016 can be completey tailored and can be purchased for any value from $250. It can be used towards a vacation of the recipient’s choice including our experiences to Africa, Australia, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and the South Pacific Islands, all of which are crafted around the individual guest. 

The LCT Bliss Pass can also be used towards one of our exclusive VIP Experiences, room upgrades, spa treatments or a special private dinner, alongside a vacation or honeymoon that has already been booked.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our travel vouchers for a loved one, friend or colleague, please contact one of our professional travel consultants today.  Hurry! We only issue a limited number of LCT Bliss Passes each year so don’t miss this chance to get yours! 

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